Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Constitutional changes not for the SLFP only – SLMC

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has criticised the government for keeping the constitutional changes as a top secret.

The SLMC has pointed out to the media it is not a healthy affair to function in a manner that the constitutional changes is a matter only for the SLMC forgetting that it belongs to all the people of the country.

‘Though the government has announced that the activities on the constitutional changes have commenced, the activities are going on within closed door in a way preventing the government parties coming to know the contents included in it’ the SLMC criticised.

It is important for the government to obtain the advices and opinions of other parties in this matter which affects the people of the entire country but the government without doing this, is trying to include changes beneficial for its party.

Looking at the information leaking out from the government party politicians it makes to think that the changes will affect mostly the minority communities. The government in order to prevent this kind of suspicions and criticism arising should come forward to talk with all the other parties and the SLMC will give all its support if invited. (Muslim Guardian)

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