Friday, 20 August 2010

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha & Amnesty International's Sam Zarifi on CNN

Another brilliant response from Prof Rajiva Wijesingha to well known terror propaganda intstitutes Amnesty International and CNN. When Bush mass murdered in Iraq invasion CNN, AI backed USA. When Sri Lanka defended itself againt ruthless LTTE terrorists, those so called guardians of democracy criticised Sri Lanka for eliminating terorists. Now war is over, they still keep throwing bogus allegationsto discredit Sri Lanka. Who are the real terrorists? The one who kills civilians or one who breed, feed, fund and direct thousands of terrorists in its own back yard to kill thousands of innocent civilians in another country?

West Europe means a hub for terrorists. European MPs like Miliban, Solheim, Clinton, Evans and many are pro- Terrorists. Europeans could not realize whats going on Sri Lanka for the last 30years. Terrorist propaganda has brain washed them. Presdent Mahinda Rajapakse has taught them a lesson!He dared not to listen to puppet like politians of West, he totally eliminated LTTE ruthless terrorists from Sri Lanka which Euopeans still cant believe. He didnt stop there, his goal is even further. Reuniting and rebuilding Sri Lanka. A true reason for every Sri Lankan to praise him for his leadership given to the nation. SL, the only nation who won a war against terrorism and powerty and work towards prosperity! Eelam is not meant as a solution to so called Tamil aspirations/grievences but rather an assignment of super powers and India to use Sri Lanka as a strategic military base to avoid threats from opponents. One day those perpetrators responsible for deaths of milions of Sri Lankans will be brought to justice!

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Media Terrorists, Ill-Policy Makers and Sri Lanka War:

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