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Hindu fanaticism flourished under Congress governments and communalized judiciary

Hindu fanaticism which partitioned India in 1947   flourished   under successive Congress governments and an increasingly communalized and politicized judiciary. Today’s India   where the Hindus fanatics enjoy the fruits of their lawlessness and crime while the Muslims live in fear and terror is the product of successive Congress governments’ policy of pampering Hindu fanaticism with it secular slogan served to hoodwink the world. 

The culmination of this policy is the shameful   30 September 2010   Allahabad High Court verdict which gave two third of 500 year old Babri Masjid in Ayodhya to Hindus and one third to its legitimate owners-the Muslims. The verdict encouraged   Hindus   to continue their   religious fascism and the Muslims to live as second class citizens in an extremely hostile militant Brahmin dominated India.

It is open secret that  the rabid anti Muslim Hindu fanatic organization Rastriya Swayam Sevak,RSS, and its front organizations such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad,VHP,Bharatiya Janatha Party,BJP,Sangh Parivar and many more  have openly declared that Muslims have no place in India. They should embrace Hinduism and live as Muslim harijans or leave the country. Their   policy is to build a Hindu raj over the flesh, blood, bodies of Muslims and their destroyed belongings in violation of the very same Hinduism which they claim to practice.

One should not forget that it was their refusal to treat Indian Muslims with equal rights that forced the Muslims to think   of their own state which in turn resulted   in the partitioning of India followed by a bloodbath sacrificing more than a million innocent lives of both Muslims and Hindus alike.

Muslims who remained in India were made to feel guilty and insecure. It was in such frightening atmosphere that    fanatics triggered the controversy over Babri Masjid, built in 1528, by claiming    as the place where Lord Ram. - an imaginary god in the epic Ramayana written by Valmiki, was born.  There are more than 30 Temples identified by Hindu scholars   as Ram’s birth place in Ayhodya. Babri Masjid was not one of them. On 22 December  1949   Muslims  who completed their night prayer and went home  were horrified  when they came for the early morning prayer, on 23 December 1949,  to  see statutes of Rama, Lakshman and Sita were  placed  inside the masjid right below the  centre dome. By all means this was an act of extreme vandalism, the congress government in power then could have dealt with the culprits with legal means and removed the statues knowing the seriousness of the crime with all potentials for a devastating Hindu-Muslim conflict. It was also a time when Hindu minds were not poisoned with   the canard that Babri Masjid was built after demolishing Ram Temple. However the government failed to act and, instead, I allowed the statues to remain within the mosque encouraging saffron vandalism.

 Muslims turned to judiciary for justice, but to their shock, the court declared the Masjid as a disputed area and locked the masjid’s   main door. Adding fuel to fire   both the central and state  governments later banned Muslims from conducting prayers.

Imagine the Indian democracy and judiciary that Muslims were altogether forbidden to pray in their more than 450 year old mosque while Hindus, in spite of bogus claims, were permitted to offer puja, have darshan of the idols from a side gate and make offering through four pujaris employed by the Receiver who was appointed by the Magistrate. 

Continuing this lawlessness   the VHP formed a committee in 1984 to build a Ram Temple and tried   to lay foundation stone at the Babri Masjid. This was followed by the countrywide Rath Yatra, Chariot Journey, led by BJP leader L.K.Advani, who whipped up anti Muslim hysteria leading to the destruction of Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992 by trained Hindu hooligans.

Advani was there on the site inciting Hindu gangs to bring down the mosque, yet the
 communalized   court failed to even serve notice on Advani  soaked in the blood of thousands of innocent Muslims.

Once again the congress government could have banned rath yatra and prevented the demolition of the Babri Masjid. Instead allowed Advani’s crusade against Muslims   to continue triggering off an anti Muslim killing spree sacrificing thousands of innocent Muslims. Instead. adding insults to the injury in 1994, the apex court directed acquisition of 70 acres of land at disputed place and maintained the status quo till the final decision on ownership. 

Thus the 30 September 2010 verdict, in flagrant violation of law, sanctified the conversion of a historic mosque, which had stood for 500 years, into a temple. One of the leaders of the Bar remarked that the record since December 23, 1949, shows the judgment of September 30, 2010, to be a crowning act on consistent judicial injustices to Muslims in 1950, 1955, 1986 and 1994.

All these shameful court verdicts   took place under the watchful eyes of congress governments which failed to ensure justice for Muslims. The country's foremost lawyer N.A. Palkhivala wrote:“It is to my mind absurd to suggest that the highest Court in the country should be asked to decide questions of history or archaeology. “It is a measure of the degradation to which we have reduced our third-rate democracy that we have lost all sense of propriety, and are not only willing but eager to call upon the Courts to decide questions of opinion or belief, history, mythology or political expediency. Never in the history of any country have Courts been approached to deal with the type of questions which are now suggested as fit to be referred to the Courts in connection with the incidents at Ayodhya.

“It would thrust upon the Court a task for which it is not qualified by training or experience. Courts can deal with questions of law or of fact. They are not qualified to deal with questions in other fields like archaeology or history. A judge can decide only upon documentary evidence or evidence given by a witness as to what he himself saw or heard. It is well established that hearsay evidence is inadmissible in a Court of law under the Indian Evidence Act. 

In a related development a columnist pointed out that “in the Shahidganj masjid case, there was incontrovertible proof of a 1722 waqf (trust) to build a mosque. But it came under the possession of Sikhs after 1762. In the 20th century from the District Court, the High Court of Lahore and the Privy Council ruled against the Muslims on the ground of adverse possession. The Premier of Punjab Sikander Hyat Khan rejected pleas for legislation to overturn the verdict. Jinnah supported him fully. The mosque, now a Sikh gurdwara, still stands in Lahore undemolished.

Thus the pain inflicted on Muslims is not concealed. This is not how a secular edifice is built. It was left to Mohammed Hashim Ansari, the oldest living petitioner, to express the anguish, many more mosques will be built, but the nation will not be built this way. The Supreme Court can prove him wrong. Those who rushed to acclaim the order of September 30 revealed worse than ignorance. Their enthusiasm reflected indifference to right and wrong.

This is the shameful state of affairs in the Indian judiciary under a corrupt, criminalized and commercialized political system where killing helpless and impoverished Muslims have become the road to power. Ever since the partition there have been thousands of well planned  attacks on Muslim localities killing innocent  Muslim men, women and children ,destroying their commercial, industrial and residential units aimed at turning them  into paupers. There were also incidents, as reported by mainstream Indian media, that Muslim women were stripped naked, paraded in streets and video filmed. Perhaps this is the Hindutva Dharma?

According to some reports there were around 40,000 anti Muslim attacks by RSS led crime syndicate who were  financed in billions by Israel-the sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims.

Most of these attacks took place under congress governments and both the government and the judiciary failed to bring these culprits to book. Instead architects of such crimes such as Advani, Naredra Modi and their henchmen continue to flourish in the Indian politics.Narendra Modi who slaughtered thousands of Muslims under a well planned conspiracy was even awarded by the Congress government which to date took no measure to implements it own Sachar Committee on the miserable plight of Muslims- worse than that of dalits.

According to recent reports the RSS and its combine have set up special training units to bomb Hindu localities, blame the Muslims and justify their criminal attacks on Muslims. Arbitrary arrests of Muslim youths, keeping them for long period of detention under extremely difficult circumstances, torturing and killing them has become order of the day in this largest democracy hijacked by RSS combine.

Meanwhile the congress led coalition in New Delhi has turned Kashmir into a slaughter house indiscriminately killing and brutalizing the population to suppress the peaceful uprising of people, which is their democratic rights, highlighting their grievances. Failure of congress governments to fulfill their pledge to Kashmiri Muslims to decide their political fate in a plebiscite and the repeated political maneuverings of New Delhi led to the uprising which killed ,between 1989 and mid 2010 ,93,173 Kashmiri Muslims, destroyed 105,841 houses ,shops and commercial establishments, orphaned 107,326, molested women 9,906 and widowed 22,719.This was done by the armed forces of the largest  democracy on its own people whose only crime  was asking “ justice and freedom”.

The senseless killings during the past few months only confirms what the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi said at a press conference in New Delhi,  after a visit to Kashmir in 1991, that the brutalities of the Indian  army and the Central Reserve Police meant that India may have lost Kashmir’”. Perhaps his wife Sonia Gandhi who runs the congress led coalition in New Delhi with a remote control hasn’t understood this reality even 20 years later   today judging from the recent atrocities of the Indian army in Kashmir.

Over the years today the RSS cadres have successfully penetrated the government, government and administrative machineries, judiciary, armed forces, policy and votes, remain indifferent   while the judiciary, government and administrative machineries and the armed forces including the police in general remain hostile to Muslims who have no one to turn to in this dark hour.

The situation is not only bleak for   Indian Muslims but also for the entire country. Unless some saner Hindu elements come forward to check the RSS madness, clean up Indian politics and judiciary, India’s future too seems to be bleak as the future of the suppressed Indian Muslims. (By Latheef Farook)

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