Sunday, 5 May 2013

அஸாத் ஸாலியை ராஜபக்ச கைது செய்வதற்கு இந்தஉரையும் காரணமாகும்!



This is a Do or Die struggle for the Muslim community of this country. – says; Azad Salley

Analysis>>> Do or Die struggle ..?....will not be successful/not good, if he knows 'political thoughts & history' and basic Islamic principles. '' Do'’ islam, as we all have to DO something for Muslim community, but.."Die.." is not Islam. Killing himself is kufr motive. It is coming from Hinduism & wrong Indian culture.....So it is very controversial of his political actions, works, talks, motives, styles (emotional), on. But he is one of our brothers of Muslim society.

‘Doing politics’ without “PLDL” ('Political Leadership Driving License)' is an issue.....???. infact, we don't have any institution to establish "PLDL" in Sri Lanka & in the Muslim world. Specially every Muslims leaders should have PLDL  (Structural Learning Process & Eligibility test) as soon as possible. Says; M. R. Mohamed SCHOOL of Thoughts - UK & SL (A School of political, economic & social sys)



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