Friday, 17 August 2012

London Reflection; Burma Massacre – Hasina abandons Rohingya Muslims


The Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he abandon him…
(Sahih Muslim)
  • The tragic oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) reminds us of many tragedies gone by. In the past few weeks more than 2,000 Muslims have been killed in the violence and more that 90,000 have been displaced. During his meeting with the UN High Commissioner for refugees on July 11th, Myanmar’s murderous president, Thein Sein, said that he wanted to assemble the members of the Rohingya community into camps until they are expelled from the country. He also said in the meeting that “it is not possible to accept Rohingya, who entered the country illegally and that they are not from our race“, then he further said that they “pose a threat to national security”.
  • What is more disgusting than these actions by the Burmese regime, are the actions of Shaikh Hasina’s Awami League regime in Bangladesh. Instead of standing by the oppressed minority, they have blocked the door to refugees fleeing persecution. The Bangladesh government has stopped the fresh influx of Rohingyas along the 270km border. The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel have sent back over 1000 Rohingyas Muslims and the Coast Guard Bangladesh pushed back approximately 350 more. It has recently been reported that the Bangladesh government has even stopped aid organisations from operating on the border! Shaikh Hasina’s interest for developing business links with the repressive Burmese regime rather than standing for the Muslims is unsurprising, given her corrupt regime and its treatment of Muslims in Bangladesh.
  • The massacre of the Rohingya has exposed the hypocrisy of international bodies like the UN, human rights organisations and the global media. Just compare the lack of coverage about the plight of the Rohingya Muslims with the coverage of the house of arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi over many years. Some have described them as the most persecuted minority in the world, yet the lack of prominence given to their cause show exactly how politicized humanitarian and human rights campaigning bodies are. Indeed, even the Nobel Peace Prize winning Aung San Suu Kyi refused to accept they are Burmese citizens, instead saying this “ethnic conflict should be investigated and dealt with wisdom.
  • Some have suggested writing to the UN or petition the British government to raise concerns. We cannot be naïve and forget the neglect of the UN and the relationship of the British government with Burma. The UN has long been aware of their plight, but done little.
  • Over the past two years or so Western states – including Britain and America– have been trying to win more trade and political influence in Burma. The interests of Britain and America are as much to do with new markets for business as they are to do with Burma’s strategic location close to China. They are not unaware of the plight of the Rohingya; indeed British colonial rule in the region shaped the borders that have fuelled sectarian and ethnic tensions in the region. It is absurd to expect anything substantial from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • The reality today is that the Muslim Ummah has no leader to stand up for her. Rather we have corrupt puppet regimes like Hasina’s that are enslaved to serving the interests of foreign powers. Today we have a duty to account the regime in Bangladesh for its collusion with the regime in Burma and must demand that it opens the border to those fleeing persecution. Moreover, this crisis is yet another proof of the need for establishing the Islamic Khilafah state – which would govern by the laws of Allah to establish Justice on this earth, protect the blood, honour and wealth of Muslims from the plans and ambitions of criminals and aggressors. We urge all Muslims who watch these atrocities to intensify the work for establishing the Khilafah that will liberate the Ummah from this mighty oppression.
Allah Almighty says:

Those who disbelieve are allies of one another. If you [O Muslims] do not do so [become allies of one another], there will be fitnah on earth and great corruption. [TMQ Al-Anfal 8:73]

Indeed, Allah Almighty speaks the Truth! (Ends

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